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Baco Properties is a family-owned and operated integrated real estate investment and management company committed to operating with the highest  ethical and moral integrity. This means we believe in treating our employees, customers, tenants, contractors, vendors and all stakeholders with respect, and appreciating their contribution to the collective success of the company. Founded in 1967, we have grown from two self-storage facilities in the Central Valley to more than fifty facilities in five states. Our portfolio of properties and management platforms continues to flourish today.

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Security Public Storage

Security Public Storage (SPS) operates 53 self-storage facilities throughout California, Oregon, Nevada, Maryland and Virginia. Since the opening of the first Security Public Storage in 1983, SPS has been a provider of the highest quality self-storage service in the industry. The SPS philosophy puts the customer first, which means keeping our customers front of mind at all times so that they have the most positive storage experience possible.

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